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Further information will be provided later during our conversation via Skype.

Hi Guys, I wanna add a configrator to my jewelery e-commerce webproject.

Keep in mind that your solution should work for any of our files (they are all created in the same way).

Our backend developer would be available to work with you on the front.

Most of the code is complete, and the first part is relatively simple.

However, the project has several parts, and if the quality of output is great, we will look forward to working with the developer for a longer term assignment.

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Your job is to parse the custom file on the web Viewer without breaking the current functionalities, so 3D objects will be shown with their rendering features.

The team is split between France and Hungary - Use your ideas in an open environment to further improve the application - Possibly a long-term employment contract in our Budapest office, with some office days and possibility to work from home HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any home into an accurate, interactive 3D model.

We are looking for a Graphics Engineer with real-time rendering experience to expand our 3D platform.

We need to do dramatic zoom and call scenes on the fly (think going from gross anatomy to a tiny detail in the year, both scenes with over 50k tris on the screen.

Also think a city with 500 windows, inside of each being a room, which needs to be loaded on demand as the camera approaches it.

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