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En route, she stopped and toured the Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site in Irwin County, and discovered that one of the tales she had heard about Mr. Recently, researchers have studied the chemistry of food remains on mugs from the huge Mississippian-period occupation at Cahokia, a multi-mound site across the Mississippi River from what is now St. They discovered that the chemical profile included methylxanthines present in two species of holly.Historical records from early Euro-Americans record that Native peoples drank teas made from these species.We discuss the case of AD 79 Roman Herculaneum, formerly on the Bay of Naples, Italy, and offer a few photographs.

The public is invited to attend and participate in excavations planned over two weekends in 2012.

This research confirms that these ritual drinks were consumed for hundreds of years.

Also, these holly trees are not native to the Cahokia area, and researchers propose that bark and leaves for making teas were traded inland from native stands along the Gulf Coast.

Around Georgia, indeed, around the world, you can find archaeological sites open to the public.

Many have informative interpretive signage, museums, and even gift shops and bookstores. Each excerpt below links to the full article (click on the article headline or the 'Click here to read' link!

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