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A specific form of Older Than They Think, in which the Cover Version of a song becomes so iconic that people forget it was a cover at all.

The cover becomes the definitive version of the song.

The neon sign ordered to hang above the entrance arrives flawed, but Rushin elects to use it anyway; Fack's eventually will become one of the city's jazz hot spots.

June Guaraldi graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School, in the center of San Francisco's Sunset District.

Guido Caccienti and Johnny Noga purchase a building at 200 Hyde Street, which once housed San Francisco's Stork Club.

They re-fashion the space into a nightclub, and call their new business the Blackhawk.

July-August Guaraldi gets his first commissioned gig, performing at a summer resort in Yosemite.

September Guaraldi begins his two-year military hitch in Korea.

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Somewhat related is Breakaway Pop Hit, where an iconic song (or cover) composed specifically for a film overshadows its film.

Nowadays, "covers" are used to describe any band performing a not-originally-written song.

However, when bands writing all their own songs was a less common practice, covering referred specifically to doing a version of a song in a style similar to that of another artist.

Compare Sampled Up and Eclipsed by the Remix, and contrast with First and Foremost.

See also Revival by Commercialization and Misattributed Song.

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