Is ryan gosling still dating eva mendes

Is it okay if I forgot that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were together? To be fair, there hasn’t been much gossip about them in the past month and a half.Ryan and Eva got together in September, when they were working together on some film.

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Eva is filming in Paris, and Ryan came to visit her, and they went on a romantic/gothic stroll in a cemetery.Then in June, a follow-up article from the gossip magazine ridiculously claimed And now that time has proven our reporting to be correct, the outlet is trying to backpedal and do damage control.But rather than admit its previous tales were erroneous, the publication is trying to cover up its past lies by offering more misinformation.Ryan took Eva to Disneyland, which is how we knew that they were bangin’ (he takes EVERY hookup to Disneyland).Later, there were some tabloid reports that Ryan was actually serious about Eva, and that it wasn’t just a quickie wham-bam-Disneyland adventure.

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