Is emily osment dating mitchel musso in real life

Emily desires an intellectual rapport or spiritual bond with her love partner, but deep intimacy and emotional bonding do not come easily to her.

The traditional "husband" and "wife" roles do not appeal to Osment, and she abhors jealousy and possessiveness since she feels that no person truly "belongs" to another.

32BShe is speculated to wear a shoe size of 6.5 (US).

Vanilla Star (New York based denim brand), Hannah Montana merchandise She has served as an ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying.

Jealousy, power struggles or possessiveness can become areas of conflict in her relationships.

People say that everything is too expensive to have any real fun. Emily Osment has an intense need for love and may be emotionally greedy or insatiable.Her love relationships are passionate and often tumultuous and painful as well.Emily Osment has a buoyant, cheerful disposition and she reaches out to others in a warm, open and friendly way.Her emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is well known among her circle of friends, and people often seek Emily out for help, sympathy or advice.

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