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"Seeing your whole hand inside of your partner, and feeling the heat and strength of their body from the inside, is something many people enjoy," Dr. "This is a form of penetration that allows for eye contact if wanted, and which allows the giver to be fully present in the receiver's pleasure."Unfortunately, many people have been taught by society that vaginas can stretch and become loose if too many things (or too large of things) are put into them.This has led to the sex negative, misogynistic notion of "loose women" (a.k.a.You just need to learn exactly what it entails and how to prepare for it.

The good news is that this problematic conclusion is not only false, but it's based on a myth: Vaginal tissue is meant to stretch and return to its regular shape and size (for the most part), since it's designed to aid in childbirth, according to an Ob/Gyn interviewed by So, as long as you're being mindful of your body and using proper preparation and enough lube, you can enjoy fisting, and your vagina should bounce right back.

Fisting, in particular, seems to be shrouded in a unique kind of taboo, which is unfortunate — if people knew more about the sex practice, more people who'd be into it would be able to enjoy it.

If the idea of fisting is intriguing to you, there's no reason to let fear or sex negativity stop you from trying it out.

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