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He interviewed me about my breast pain and freaking sexual history for about 10 minutes (all the while I'm trying not to laugh hysterically) before stating, "Okay, I'm going to go get a nurse, so we can do a breast exam," and leaves the room. Recognition, realization, and embarrassment all appeared in his eyes at the same time.At this point I am sitting on the exam table with nothing but a gown on from the waist up trying to rationalize to myself why him seeing my bare breasts isn't that big of a deal. He suddenly became very friendly and said of course he didn't need to be the person to do the breast exam.Important info: I'm a nurse at a very large medical center.This occurred during my first 6 months working there.

I'm a female and less than 2 weeks ago I started talking to this guy on tinder.If he's not okay with that, then that's that.I agree, a heavy date like that is a complete letdown. It was just sort of bizarre how it came outta nowhere because he seemed a really chill guy up until that point.Anyway so today he's gone totally back to normal but I'm a little bit put off... I feel this guy isn't emotionally or mentally stable and as bad as it sounds I have my own stuff going on that I'm dealing with.I don't really need someone else like that in my life.

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