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TASS recognizes the need to maximize the potential of its business by exploring new opportunities in markets within and outside its industry.

I only have vague memories about the first time I had sex.

I probably got a similar thrill from watching my Sims family make woo-hoo.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about Frank Zappy, who would later become one of a string of anonymous strangers I would cyber with online.

For the first few weeks or so, my relationship with Frank Zappy skirted the lines of PG-13 respectability.

Then one day, he started telling me what he wanted to do to me if he met me, and I, picking up on his cues, told him what I (or “Dana”) wanted to do to him.

Cyber sex means any sexy chat, pictures or films that are exchanged by email, instant message or social networking sites like Facebook or a chat room.

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For years, I didn’t tell a soul about my relationship with Frank Zappy, assuming they would think he was a pedophile and I a snaggle-toothed sex maniac.

However there are still risks involved and, as with any type of sexual activity, it is never ok for someone to coerce (pressure) you into anything sexual you don't want.

For much of the time it may seem no big deal, and many people enjoy cyber sex without any problems.

Of course, I had no idea what I was saying; much of what I said was based on what I had seen on General Hospital and read in Jackie Collins paperbacks.

And to be honest, I don’t think he knew what he was saying either.

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