Infp dating relationships

Educationally they go for the humanities, vocationally for ethics, and vocationally for personnel work.

Social relationships: In their family interactions they strive for mutuality, provide spiritual intimacy for the mates, opportunity for fantasy for their children, and for themselves continuous self-renewal.

They gravitate toward creative or human service careers which allow them to use their instinctive sense of empathy and remarkable communication skills.

Strongly religious, spiritual or philosophical people, INFP's may see the purpose of their lives as an inner journey, quest or personal unfolding.

INFP's guide their behavior by a strong inner sense of values, rather than by conventional logic and reason.

Forced to cope with this facts-and-figures "real" world we inhabit, INFP's may appear to have been imported from another galaxy!

Thus their most practiced and developed intelligent operations are usually teaching and counseling (NFJ mentoring), or conferring and tutoring (NFP advocating).

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Others seldom detect this inner turmoil, however, for the struggle between good and evil is within the INFP, who does not feel compelled to make the issue public.Healers seek unity in their lives, unity of body and mind, emotions and intellect, perhaps because they are likely to have a sense of inner division threaded through their lives, which comes from their often unhappy childhood.Healers live a fantasy-filled childhood, which, unfortunately, is discouraged or even punished by many parents.They are quite OK, just different from the rest of their family swans reared in a family of ducks.Even so, to realize and really believe this is not easy for them.

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