Icq 7 validating

This helper is used to display an error message right next to a form field. Validation Message() helper displays an asterisk when there is an error.

The page in Figure 3 illustrates the error messages rendered by the validation helpers when the form is submitted with missing fields and invalid values.

The default model binder also cannot assign a null value to a property that does not accept nulls.

In particular, the model binder cannot assign a null value to the Units In Stock property.

You use model state - or more accurately, the model state dictionary - to represent validation errors. Add Model Error("Description", "Description is required."); if (product To Create.

' int Result = In Str(1, str Temp, "x", vb Text Compare) If int Result 0 Then str Extension = Mid(str Temp, int Result 1) str Phone = Left(str Temp, int Result - 1) Else str Phone = str Temp End If If Left(str Phone, 1) = "1" Then str Phone = Mid(str Phone, 2) End If If Len(str Phone) 10 Then Msg Box "Please enter a valid telephone number.", vb Exclamation Cancel = True Exit Sub End If ' ' Prepend the default area code ' If Len(str Phone) = 7 Then str Phone = Default Area Code & str Phone End If ' ' Build the new phone number ' txt Phone = "(" & Left(str Phone, 3) & ") " _ & Mid(str Phone, 4, 3) & "-" _ & Right(str Phone, 4) ' ' Add the extension, if any ' If str Extension I used a default area code of 703, which you can obviously change as needed.The Create() action exposed by the Product controller in Listing 1 accepts an instance of the Product class.The signature of the Create method looks like this: The values of the HTML form fields from the Create form are bound to the product To Create class by something called a model binder.The goal of this tutorial was to describe the basic mechanics of validation in the ASP. You learned how to use model state and the validation HTML helpers.We also discussed the distinction between prebinding and postbinding validation.

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