How to become a cam sex slave

fit=272,300&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i0com/ fit=723,799&ssl=1" class="wp-image-738 size-full" src="https://i0com/ resize=723,799&ssl=1" alt="slave humiliation, online slave training, slave punishments" width="723" height="799" data-recalc-dims="1" /One of the most important goals as worthless losers is to suffer at the hand of the Owner/Mistress/Femdom.This may include the need for them to degrade you or make you suffer some sort of pain, your goal is to ensure this is carried out and that you respect your Owner at all times and willingly comply with their wishes.What can I say I just love humiliating male objects and making them entertain me like they should be, I decided to put everything down on this page and let other useless losers see exactly what kind of things happen in a live cam session or in real life. If you want to have a live humiliation show then click the chats below, otherwise, read on and scroll through this page to learn about the fun I have with slaves and subs as well as our sissy punishment which we ensure each slave understands his position by the time we are finished with them.

Ensure they are on call for every snap of the finger If allowed to sleep make sure they sleep on something rough – no covers or pillows Make the slave kiss your boots, feet, hands every day Branding and tattoos Have them keep a diary about their journey into ownership and submission Random inspections of their body Dress them up like a shemale Not allowed any relief but can be teased Ensure they understand that they can be shared amongst your friends if you desire That they may be flogged or spanked even if they do carry out tasks to perfection, it’s all about the owner, not the slave That your sessions may be recorded or pictures were taken whenever Mistress decides Master/ Mistresses word is always final Obey, serve and adore Always respect your owner and her friends at all times I used to write down 100 different tasks on a piece of paper ( you could get your slave to do this.

I live in Westland, MI which is just west of Detroit.

I will consider all ages, races, kinks and handicaps. I can be reached at [email protected] Dom looking for a female sub/slave in or around the Essex area. Come back to me for detailed chat and more information. i also want to have sex/fuck master who can teach me fun and give me big orgasm with anything i ever [filtered word]d with 3 guys when i was 13 and i was a sex crage girl from that that fucking guy who [filtered word] me gave me first orgasm and make me fucking crage girl who looking for more bigger orgasm tell me teach me about everthing of fucking and biggest orgasm..

I don't care about your background, but you MUST be willing to serve a VERY imaginative and twisted Black Master!! With the right opportunity( you can take advantage of them and fully appreciate not only who you are inside, but let it come out fully as your most beautiful expression of yourself and your dreams.

I have always wanted to be a sex slave, wanted to be owned and prostituted out, I have had these feelings most of my life, my husband has started using me as his sex toy and calls me a dirty whore,but i would love to be forced to have sex with strangers/his mates /work colligues etc..would never happen though i am his and his alone..

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