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More than 350 retail stores and 160 F&B outlets are situated across three terminals to cater to passengers and visitors. Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day; it is the last weekend for CNY shopping this year but more importantly, it is also Kopitiam Square’s 5th birthday!

Ms Michelle Tay, SKM’s Associate General Secretary (Partnerships), said: “Much of graciousness is about taking ownership of our actions and showing consideration for others, and tray return is one area where we can easily demonstrate this value.With 100% occupancy of its 53 food and open-concept kitchen stalls, diners can now enjoy a wider variety of delectable food choices at very affordable prices.The addition of more local heritage fare and international cuisines will whet your appetite 24/7.A fun-filled party to celebrate Kopitiam Square’s 5th Birthday will be held on 14 February 2015 and Media Corp celebrities Bryan Wong and Michelle Chia will be making special appearances that day.A host of activities has been lined up to keep all diners and shoppers entertained throughout – Cooking Competition; Cosplay; KPop Dance Performance; Freestyle Football performance; Stand-up Comedy Act; Live Band Performance and 10 carnival game booths!

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