Hip hop dating

The skills are grouped together so the participants can learn how to use them together. A graffiti artist creates art, or tag, with nothing but a spray can and a blank wall.

The tag changes form all the time as the artist works on it, and it also conforms to the available space—it is not rigid or predetermined.

In this element the person becomes an instrument, using his or her mouth to create a rhythm and a beat.

Beatboxing is the foundation for the rest of the other elements.

This element’s activities require the ability to sense the vibe of other people in order to get them to feel the beat, or connection. The process of going on dates and sharing your thoughts and ideas can be very revealing and even a little scary.

Even though dating is supposed to be light and fun, strong feelings can develop in a very short period of time.

The activities showcased in this Activity Book are designed to assist young people in learning how to date safely and enjoyably by getting to know themselves and their dating partners, preventing relationship drama, and gaining a better understanding of the kind of person they would eventually like to marry.

On the whole, these activities will address five separate groups of dating skills, which correspond to the five elements of Hip Hip.

You can come across this form of music at the club, at a school dance, or pretty much anywhere.Often, dating involves sexual activity, and that carries the risk of disease and unplanned pregnancy.This can have distressing and sometimes life-long consequences.There is no set of standard behaviors that work with every person. Culture, religion, economic status, gender, and birth order affect the blending process as two people begin to merge their lives together.Some people even believe that your birth sign can play a role in that process.

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