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There are a number of historical texts which can be tied in with other known records, such as those of the city of Marik, coming down to the time of Narim Sin who eventually defeated the Eblahites decisively.

There are lists of towns in their geographic regions, and even lists of the towns that are subject to Ebla.Please become a Guardian Angel today by starting your monthly gift.There’s no better feeling than knowing you are providing hope for a brighter future to people in need in Appalachia.Professor Pettinato conjectures that this is probably the reason why Akkad finally prevailed over Ebla. Rituals associated with the gods are referred to, many of these gods being known in Babylonian literature of a later period.The tablets would appear to date to the two last generations of the city, somewhere about 2,300 B. These include Enki, Enlil, Utu, lnana, Tiamut, Marduk and Nadu. Most of the tablets deal with economic matters, tariffs, receipts, and other commercial dealings.

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