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Her shorts hugged every curve of her fleshy bubble but.Chris's eyes traveled down her smooth back and over her bulging butt like a car driving slowly along a long flat country road that reaches a large hill.I would never leave if I were you." "It's nice, but just temporary while I'm in school." Chris said, "But you should see this place in the afternoons...that's when all the Milfs come." Matt's jaw dropped, and Chris laughed. "Hmm...yeah, looks like you're going to be with Chris. "I know I can't get my money back now though." She said, "so I suppose we'll just chat in here? Each time someone entered he glanced up to see if it was Katie. It wasn't Katie though, it was the Barbie Doll and her shorts were even shorter than usual.You can wait for him at that table." The punk said without looking at her. The last thing she wanted to do right now was exercise with a strange man. The bottom half of her perky ass cheeks could be seen.Her mountainous breasts converged together to create a deep valley of cleavage that could be seen underneath the black crisscrossing fabric.Her stomach was bare, showing off her hard-flat stomach and trim waistline.They looked like helium filled balloons that might carry her away at any moment.Her fat injected lips were pursed, her manicured eyebrows were high on her wrinkle free for head. I just wanted to get out of there so fast I didn't really ever thank you." "Well there's no need obviously." He said. I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals." He said, "I think the most important thing in life is being healthy and being the best version of yourself.

The Benna Boys beat out other entries in the contest such as Beach Boys, Iron Bandits, Rhythm Warriors and Party Crashers.

She wore tight spandex that showed off her muscular butt. But she had already paid for the training session and she felt guilty wasting the money so here she was. Her long brunette hair was a bit of a mess, making it look like she had just rolled out of bed. Her cheek bones were high, and her jaw line was clear cut. But I promise if he ever shows his face around here again he'll regret it." "I complained about that stupid light weeks ago." She said. Chris wanted to end the silence and say something nice. I know I'd never be patient enough to that myself." Katie felt that he meant what he said. "Hey..." Chris said, not entirely sure what he was going to say next. Why don't you come in tomorrow at the same time and we'll have it then? Matt had been upset about canceling basketball but told Chris he would forgive him if he sent him a picture of this mystery girl during her workout routine.

Her arms were toned, and her boobs were just large enough to create a small valley of cleavage in the neckline of her tank top. But after this she would find somewhere else to work out. Katie left him holding his arm out awkwardly as she studied his face. Then her blue eyes watered up and she started to cry. Chris ushered her into an office room and shut the door behind them. You can't let him control you like that." "You're right." She agreed. He thought about commenting on her natural good looks but figured that would probably be inappropriate. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to come back here." He blurted, "but I'm glad you did." "Thank you." She smiled, her tears were dry now and she had stopped crying. I usually come in the early mornings though." "Do you work during the day? He wasn't just trying to flatter her or make her feel better. It was strange, but she felt completely safe in the office with him, even though he was a complete stranger. For some reason Chris hadn't been able to stop thinking about her since they had visited the day before. The gym had a strict no dating policy for the trainers and patrons, but he would be willing to quit if they ended up hitting it off again today.

"Don't you think she is flirting with the line of being a little too plastic? "Hell no, that's how I like them, right out of a porno. " "Of course I still would, she's sexy." Chris admitted, "But who wears that much makeup to the gym? I hate to think what would have happened if you hadn't been there." "I'm glad you're okay. She suddenly felt so grateful that she found herself throwing her arms around him. I know that sounds cheesy, but you might say exercise is a form of therapy for me." "That's not cheesy at all." She said, "That's a great motto to live by." They sat in the office for the next forty-five minutes, not once did they look at the clock. They kept the topics lite, but there was surprisingly a lot of laughter.

I'm just saying I prefer them to be just a little more natural, that's all... With her body up against his, Chris realized that there was most likely a high-quality rack hidden inside her extra-large sweater. "No problem." He said, patting her gently on the back. But I used to council people suffering from trauma. Katie found that Chris was quick to laugh, and she found it endearing.

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