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I basically have a few key words in articles specific to my research interest, and I have alerts for specific authors. I use Cite ULike to manage my bibliography personal database on my local machine to export various formats (e.g. This has the added benefit that I can send articles directly from google reader to citeulike, but I suspect the same set-up could be crafted for other bibliography managers (Zotero, Mendeley) and possible other feed readers.

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I use google reader to subscribe to RSS feeds for online first and published articles for journals I am interested in (any reader which you can organize feeds into folders and search should be fine - I suspect many have better search capabilities that google reader). Your feedback is much appreciated and thank you so much in advance. Is there anyone who can share some tips or ways on how you be able to answer this type of questions in your exams?If I'm active that day and voting/answering heavily the list will change quickly, which is nice because it's always fresh and sorted by votes so I don't waste too much time with poorly voted questions.I usually start by searching for the most popular unanswered questions, as explained here.

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