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“It is even possible certain hair colours can indicate wealth and experience.”The idea of blondness being linked to youthfulness was explored further in a study examining Polish samples. Piotr Sorokowski set up an experimental study exploring male hair color preference.The results of his research showed males did, generally, rate pictures of blonde hair as “more youthful,” and also maintained a preference for these women with regard to overall attractiveness.I mean, this is why we have billboards, and models, and fashion magazines.

A separate study, conducted by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett, could provide further information on the topic.

According to Maxine Frith of The Independent, historically speaking, blonde hair has always been viewed as a “symbol of youth that was attractive to men.”As women have taken on a larger role in society – since, say, the 1950s when Monroe’s blonde hair reigned supreme – the male scope of beauty has taken on different forms.

According to research done by the City University of London, and the reported data of 1,500 males included in the study, 81 percent of men described the brunette as “intelligent,” while 67 percent purported she appeared “self-sufficient,” when asked to give their impressions of her personality."They are looking for more intense, equal partnerships and appearance has a large role to play,” noted Peter Ayton, the man who led the study.

This presents a question: If men find brunettes to be more attractive, why did they approach the blonde women more frequently at the bar?

Swami and Berrett went on to propose the theory that men find blonde women to be more needy.

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