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Finding cheap sex in Jakarta is kind of bizarro world compared to most places around Southeast Asia.

Generally the girly bars are the expensive option but you can find freelance prostitutes much cheaper.

You might be able to get multiple rounds in, but still 0 is a lot in Southeast Asia.

To make things even better you can have a cheap threesome in Jakarta for only 525k rupiah here.

The two cheapest sex clubs in Jakarta are Travel Hotel and Terminal 2 in Classic Hotel.

You will get a wristband when you head in and everything you buy (except for a girl) goes on the wristband.

With 5-10 different managers this can get a bit frustrating to guys who just want to survey the scene and pick their own girl.There are two groups of dancers at Blok M, when one group comes off stage the other goes up.If you want to pay for a quick blowjob in the backroom just go up to one of the sexy Indonesian girls when they finish dancing and ask them.Good luck finding cheaper girly bars anywhere in Southeast Asia.We just mentioned that the freelancers at Jakarta’s Blok M are not going to come cheaply.

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