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More than one person has said that “we are what we like and dislike”, so get a glimpse into his or her personality with this fun little like/dislike quiz.

It was a sunny summer weekend, and other parents and their kids picnicked nearby—mothers munching berries and lounging on the grass, fathers tossing balls with their giddy toddlers.

If you need advice about Levitra, one of pharmacists will make available remedies that are suitable for you to take.

I was having brunch with some girlfriends the other day, and we got on the subject of first dates.

The dream, like that of our mothers and their mothers from time immemorial, was to fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.

Of course, we’d be loath to admit it in this day and age, but ask any soul-baring 40-year-old single heterosexual woman what she most longs for in life, and she probably won’t tell you it’s a better career or a smaller waistline or a bigger apartment.

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    Men are nearly two times more likely than women to abuse recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana and thrice as likely to abuse alcohol. Men account for more on-the-job fatalities, they account 94% of all on-the-job fatalities and men currently represent 50% of the U. Men tend to use only one side of their brain at a time, when focused on a task, devoting all of their concentration and attention to the task at hand.