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“I think it aptly highlights the kind of adventures my G-spot and the Stronic G would have,” Nia wrote. Block printing is an artistic process I’d never heard about before (the image was carved out of linoleum first), and boy it is impressive!Not artistic at all, but here’s my “creative” entry into the #rockyourgspot contest. There were several answers to a query from an owner on the "MG Experience" MGC Forum about setting the tappets.For only one episode Lady Diana filled in for Tara King who was Steed’s side kick during the series.All models of MG feature in hundreds of movies and TV series but the MGC only presents itself about 20 times on the screen and mainly in the background as the main character drives past a parked ‘C’.

This incredibly detailed piece (I mean, just look at that mouth-watering Pure Wand! “I decided to incorporate the idea of the wall turning into sheets being grasped in pleasure,” Blue said, “knocking all the frames out of place while the images become more abstract closer to the ‘orgasm.’” Best comment winner: Morgan!

The first car that jumps into my mind is the DB5 that James drives in Goldfinger, yes that’s the same model that Bazz picked up in the UK for 2/6 pence back in the olden days.

I always remember the Avengers on the telly in the ‘60s and I just wanted to be like that bowler hatted Stead driving around in a vintage 3 litre Bentley.

Nor did I care for the yellow Chevrolet C-2500, Crew Cab Silverado, in Kill Bill called the ‘Pussy Wagon’. The ‘68 Mustang GT 390 in Bullitt that Steve Mc Queen drove was pretty good though. It takes be back to my teenage years when I went to some of those works buck’s nights Have you seen these films ‘La moglie del prete’, ‘Big Zapper’, ‘Chérif’ or ‘Prudence and the Pill’?

You may have seen these telly programs ‘Callan’, ‘Dalziel and Pascoe’, ‘Hawaii Five-O’, and ‘Division 4’, in black and white, that also had a short scene with a parked MGC GT.

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