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But I guess that's OK to show on TV because she wasn't naked or wearing lingerie. I've not seen the movie, but earlier this year, our friend Gonzaullas posted one of the upside-down scenes from the movie. v=hhjulk FRt Jc If you search Hank Hobbs' Yahoo group, you'll likely find some better quality download clips and stills from the movie, too.

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Yet men are continually depicted as lazy, sex-obsessed, helpless slobs whose main function in entertainment is to provoke laughs by getting kicked in the groin, and there is no backlash. ------- Last night I watched the first 15 minutes or so of .This movie is not bad, although it is notable for starring a lot of "name' actors and actresses who sleepwalk through their roles. Then she's released without being whipped or anything? Hot Asian chick on a plastic covered bed surrounded by two good-looking vampires, one of whom can't decide whether to kill her and then fuck her or fuck her and then kill her? Brief glimpses alternating with blackouts, close-ups of just her face, hand and feet, but no full-length shots? Shots of her clothes being removed and then getting fucked? No nudity and no actual shot of her getting fucked? Hot Asian chick hanging naked, bound and upside down? Poorly lighted scene with no full-length shot and nothing of consequence happens to her? This is the "Unrated, Undead" version of the movie, but I am so unimpressed that I refuse to watch the "Rated, Dead" version to highlight the differences.It features extraordinary GIMP set ups but does not deliver. Probably nudity and bondage, since there was no sex to speak of in this version and I can't imagine they would add that to the "Rated" version. may be worth a look just on the basis of the topless inverted chicks alone.Sadie walks in, busts the guy for being married, and tells Collette that she would like to take her home instead. They drive back to a mansion and go upstairs to the bedroom.Sadie commands Collette to strip all the way, but Collette only gets down to her panties, garter belt and nylons.

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