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But now, if the kids watch some Saturday morning telly, I encourage them to watch Kids WB instead of Saturday Disney due to Georgia :) - she's the noughties version of Sophie Lee! For the news/reporters, the first one that comes to mind would be Jacquiline Maddock (sp? Recently, sorta, switched from finance reporting to general reporting on Ten, although you don't see her much. Haha yea I remember Sophie Lee too, but who can forget when Kate Fisher took over! The guy reporter from tha show has done alright for himself ending up as the weekend and occasion weather guy for Brisbane's Channel 9 News. Come to think of it, Mary Kostakidis was damn fine as well. She's about the only person who could make "George Bush" sound sexy.

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who would be in your list of HOTTEST TV presenters or newsreaders..? She might've been alright 15-20 years ago, but definitely not now. If we’re talking old skool ones, I’d probably prefer Jennifer Kite? Nothing would make me happier than Ellen quoting the international news headlines, or the Dow Jones index, whilst I slap her booty : P LMAO! A certain generation of Australian blokes will know exactly what I mean when I say... and 'watching Play School wasn't only to check out the time on the Play School clock, or peer through a round window (or my personal favourite, the arch window). Just imagine Bettina trying to keep a straight face and the crew bursting their sides laughing. The way she talked, facial expressions and the way she flicked her hair in the clip is so sexy.

Nah I cant say she makes my Dow Jones rise ;o)Check out In fact some of you may know of a genius singer/songwriter in NSW in Mr. In it the lyrics allude to a schoolboy's day spent longing to get home to watch Play School and something along the lines of '"when they played their farmyard games... In those days too mini skirts were in - even on children's telly. If I am being interviewed by her, I got to be blindfolded.

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