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I said I had tried weed weed I was 18 I smoked a can pipe with a guy at lunch from school and after break I fell asleep at the table and ended up go home ill and slep til 10 hrs also I said I tried a line of meth when I was 18 I hayed it it scared me and I wore down a pair shoes and a sidewalk talking to my self because o never seen it or heard of it before a guy just said u got try it this little half inch line can’t kill me, or harm me so I then the nurse inquired about my admitted usage I told her I didn’t enjoy it (meth) and weed I could careless but told her it was a natural plant and I was not a regular pot smoker.She asked if I smoked cigs I had QUIT AND SO PROUD 18 MOS at that point.sttess test came out well but from me honestly admitting the one time meth use and lass than 5 times in 12 years smkmed pot made me an addict and a liability!Pain was fine I was still on surgery meds and a pump.2 days I had similar incidents of waking with lvl 10 pain a d again I’m told to press button but his when I sleep??? After some pesistacne and searching we find out I am apparently an adict and am a risk for the narcotics pains medicines if they were to treat me with them..I was on a pain pump thing and was told to push button when I felt the pain coming.

They took out the pointless screws and close the non Union with new screws and by march I was able to walk without a boot cast and work no meds I was good to go pain was tolerable for a few years and I forgot about the whole incident til nerves and pain reminded me I was scarred for life and never again will I be the same.

Prior to that I had occasional flare ups of chromic back pain that started when I was 16, my parents always took me to the same family Dr and I rateley but on occasion was given pain medication that I filled and medicated but always ended up throwing them out because I hated how I felt on them.

I never heard of pxy hyrdo norco or all that stuff and never cared I don’t even know if that’s what Dr gave me for back in young years I said back pain chronic but off and on randomly since 16 and the broken ankle in 2009 I was 34.

Dr did not want to do anything o was just healing but he cut the cast off AMD it was oozing and draining green and yellow and stunkkkk bad.

Instantly my wkfr said OMG infection and docs reply no we just put a loser cast in it will be fine its okay and healing normally.

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