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Bhendi Bazaar got its name from the shortened form of the area "behind the bazaar" of Crawford Market during the British colonial period, and it offered dormitory-style homes to male migrant workers on the docks of the nearby port of old Bombay.

As the city's flourishing trade and textile mills grew, laborers started bringing their families to live in these single-room units.

"Wherever there is change there is reluctance," said Master, an engineer who has worked in construction in the U. and around the world and returned to India a few years ago. Here they had full faith and it helped." It also helped that the Trust is providing a minimum of 350 square feet to residents for free, as well as free housing in the interim, as it wants to improve their living conditions, he said.

The minimum required by the government for this type of development in Mumbai is 300 square feet.

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Shabbir Arsiwala's family has lived for 100 years in a prime area of Mumbai in a noisy, two-room apartment he calls "foul-smelling and claustrophobic," where a bucket placed along the peeling-paint-flecked walls collects dripping water and blue plastic sheeting keeps out rain.

The Trust contracted local developer Capacit'e Infraprojects Ltd.

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The developer ultimately chosen to complete the project will be granted 20 percent of the land to sell privately in exchange for building the towers with new homes and shops for all the current residents, according to the trust's CEO Abbas Master.

The sprawling residences made of wood and brick are "affected by structural weakness," the "size and state of the roads makes it almost impossible for vehicular traffic to move, lack of footpaths and congestion makes it a challenging prospect to even walk," and "outdated sanitation and inadequate fire and safety measures leave the population very vulnerable," according to the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust's website.

"Visitors are met with heaps of rubbish and rodents scurrying around.

"I want to live the balance of my life in peace." The area, known as Bhendi Bazaar, will rehouse 20,000 people crammed into 250 crumbing buildings in a Muslim enclave in south central Mumbai, just north of the British-built train station formerly known as Victoria Terminus.

Estimated to cost 40 billion rupees (0 million), the project is attracting bids from local and international companies with experience in urban redevelopment.

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