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I'm super seductive and love other women that are sexy and seductive! :) I look forward to music festivals every year and try to embrace that imagination and freedom paired with self accountability through my whole life.I finally got some pics loaded:) awaiting approval:) I'm funny, outgoing, smart and witty. I try to stay busy with hobbies because as an introvert Fort mcmurray doesn't offer my kind much to do.*and let's face it, most men are wam bam thank-you mame)* ;) It's taken a long time for me to realize i like only women.I seem to be drawn and only date straight/Bi women.I just moved up to Fort Mc Murray from downtown Toronto. Would love it if you also wanted to share in fitness activities =) I love my job, and I'm also working towards a Masters degree in Psychology while working full time.I enjoy intellectual conversation, but am also playful.... Even when I am sad i will probably be able to get a joke in somehow. When you are in love with someone I think that even when things get hard you will work through it together. If it is not meant to be at least you can leave the relationship knowing you gave it all you had and have no regrets. I love to hang out with friends, I am very intellegent and love carrying intellegent convo's, I love animals and will adopt as many as I have to if i'm being told their being put down.

I love to date but I think I'm ready for it to lead somewhere. A lot of the people I work with or have become acquaintances with are homophobic. Figured this would be a good start to seeing who's out there. I'm fit and take care of myself -- looking for a woman who would like to explore intimacy. I love going to the gym, going hiking, and doing yoga and swimming.

But we lived in a small town and it's hard to find yourself there.

Being older now I still find a attraction to woman which I'd like to explore. But I want to learn more about my body and how to please someone else too..

I'm also very spiritual (not to be confused with religious). I spend every day trying to be as comfortable and happy as possible and try my best to own up to my mistakes and expect the same from my partners.

Im the kinda chick that has many styles to suit all my moods.. I try to be a very responsible person, I love to have fun; I help run an electronic music promotions company in fort Mac called in the sticks, We set up gear at bars (Live bar and grill for free on Saturdays, and sometimes whiskey: march 22nd) and in the summer we have potluck parties in the Park, so we can enjoy music while we hula hoop and eat and fly kites or be as ridiculous as we want.

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