Fb liquidating estate inc

Factors that could cause these results to differ materially are set forth in today's press release and in our quarterly report on form 10-Q filed with the SEC.Any forward-looking statements that we make on this call are based on assumptions as of today, and we undertake no obligation to update these statements as a result of new information or future events.So far, this year, we've already announced a couple of important updates.The first is prioritizing meaningful social interactions over passive consumption of content.But passively watching videos or reading articles may not have those same effects. When you see a photo from a friend or News Feed, that's not just content that makes you smile or laugh.It's an opportunity to connect with that friend, to reach out to them, and to remind them that you care about each other.

Giving people a voice who didn't have one before, strengthening relationships by helping family and friends stay connected wherever they are, and enabling more than 70 million small businesses to grow and create jobs. The world feels anxious and divided, and that played out on Facebook.That connection is deeply important to us as people.But when you see a video or a news article, even if it's informative or entertaining, unless you start a conversation around it, you're not building a relationship.News and video will always be an important part of Facebook, but when people are spending so much time passively consuming public content that it starts taking away from the time people are connecting with each other, that's not good.So let me be clear: helping people connect is more important than maximizing the time they spend on Facebook.

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