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We both decided that figuring things out by ourselves was enough. So it was fast in that in a period of a couple days it became exclusive. THIS is after THREE messages within an hour or so for the FIRST TIME !!! The one thing they had in common was that they met and married within a month of meeting one another.I reply for the LAST time that he needs to REALLY take his meds, and to go COO COO FOR COCOA PUFFS elsewhere. Their common belief as to why their marriages lasted was because they took their whole lives to get to know one because i'm not interested in marriage and make that pretty clear.and two because it would tell me there is something a little off about their judgment and how they build relationships.'Then he comes back in the house, gets on one knee and produces the ring!!! I mean, this was the first time I had ever laid eyes on the man!!! I like someone with a good head on his shoulders, strong and realistic 'cause I sure wouldn't want someone daydreaming and it's a red flag indicating that he might not be able to cope with realistic relationship issues. She was in a panic over something (she is moving) and needed some emotional support.She spent two days at my house and I respected her. Her personality is good too though like me she's high energy. It was difficult to get much sleep; yet I felt so joyful at having her over. Sex of course, is great but for me, waiting for the sexual urge to brew over into a more powerful spiritual feeling..the best. On another dating website, I cannot tell you how many women (I was a very active high profile poster there) were aggressive towards me per private emails.

Not surprisingly he ended the relationship because we lived too far apart and he didn't like having to make plans to get together due to work schedules and whatever. We saw each other a couple of time a week and slept over on alternate weekends when her kids were away. she said that i needed to give her some space and she would come back around when she cleared her weren't even dating and she broke up with me. I seem to attract every FRUIT LOOP in the UNIVERSE.

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Messaged with a guy a few times on here a few years ago, he asked me to marry him, I thought it was a joke, I mean, I'd never met him in person. To be honest, I didn't even think he was attracted to me. Shortly afterwards, he moved back home across the country. I do believe there are some guys that do, because last year I was talking to this guy on the phone for the first time and he said we should go on a vacation together and we haven't met in person.

DON'T SMOTHER US...that's the same like a guy smothering you... My second date with a guy - he gave me diamond earrings. We dated for 4 months and in that time he gave me two pair of diamond earrings, a dozen roses delivered to my work and a trip to vegas!

Figured out quick he tried to woo me over because he was way less than ideal!

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