Example program for file updating random access

Otherwise, the character that’s read is displayed on Line 16.

Exercise 2: Create a new program by using the source code shown in Read That File. The program displays the contents of the file created by Exercise 1; otherwise, you see the error message.

By Dan Gookin The simplest way that C programming information is stored in a file is sequentially, one byte after the other. A file is opened by using the fopen() function: The fopen() function requires two arguments, both strings. The fopen() function returns a file handle, which is a pointer used to reference the file. After the file is open, you use the handle variable to reference the file as you read and write.

Rather than go to the display, the input or output goes into a file. Even when only one character is specified, it must be enclosed in double quotes.

Finally, Line 15 closes the file by using the fclose() function.

This statement is a required step for any file access programming.

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Easy Tutor author of Program that performs file read, write, update and display operations is from United States.Write That File demonstrates the basic process of creating a new file, writing text to that file, and then closing file access. The if statement checks to confirm that the file was properly opened.WRITE THAT FILE Line 6 creates the file handle, fh. The pointer stores the result of the fopen() function from Line 8. If it wasn’t, the value of fh is NULL, and appropriate action is taken.The fprintf() function writes text to the file at Line 14.The format is the same as for printf(), although the file handle must be included as an argument.

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