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Over there men are the sought after prizes and it is women that are the AFC's There is a section in "The Game" detailing travels to Eastern Europe.I was not impressed with any gaming descriptions there. As the one guy said (paraphasing) The women will happily sleep with you by virtue of your nationality.Same thing happened to me - Poland then Czech, with a Slovakian in between ha ha Funnily enough they SAY that they don't like cockiness, but they do like to be chased and told what to do..sure what else to say but if you've more insights let me know You have to act Alpha and let the girl see that you are valuable at your cycle of friends. But,its fun Im dating a russian woman now here in the states (in addition to a few american women), and 3 good friends are married to 2 ukrainians and a russian (not 3 for each mind you they dont live in Utah). If you unalpha for even a moment they will wear you down like the eraser on the back of a 5 cent pencil.You need to keep your cool, if your not making the calls you need to color the deck ( see robert greenes 48 laws of power) then let her choose.There seems to be a slightly high population of females to males (and few young ones are fat as a result of economics).And the older you go the fewer men due to alcohol and industrial accidents the male life expectancy is about 50 years, to a females 83.Actually we didnt discuss in what way we wanted different things, but for me their feelings changed just out of the blue.Ok, maybe I came a little bit too strong in the way, that I wanted to see them again and again (one girl told me, we are like an old couple Maybe the language barrier made it difficult too, but I have the impression that with eastern european girls someone has to have a REALLY strong frame, otherwise they just drop you.

Its just a thing with them I just finished an LTR with a girl from Slovakia, she definatly didn't like to be chased, she liked to do the chasing, that's not what broke us up though, we broke up because she's going home forever soon This is part of the eastern euro woman mindset.

You have to think of them as a rabid pit bull that will love and respect you only so long as you are strong.

If you are a metrosexual or in touch with your feelings your dog food.

But as soon as I feel they like me, I absolutely loose my mind and behave like she is the one. On how to win a girl back: Did you have better expericences when you stopped contacting her for a while (how long?

) or when you tried to stay in her life as a - uhh friend? Fame is their most desirable thing,otherwise at the first month your relationship ends. Have you seen frontcovers of women magazines with those persona ,models show up? Do not be chicken,go direct,play your game and enjoy. European field is very hard,you always have to keep your social status up,if you want 10's.

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    My point is that we cannot simply state that the Bible "doesn't mention dating or courtship," and then think we're off the hook to pursue this area of our lives either on the world's terms or however seems best to us without diligent, submissive reference to God's Word.

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