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This contract was awarded to Summit Security Services.

Mercedes Diego - Request for a copy of the contract between The Port Authority of NY & NJ and Kone, Inc.

This Contract is for the Structural Steel of the Vehicular Security Center, Structure to Grade & West Bathtub Vehicular Access.

This work was bid in summer 2014 and is currently under construction.

Angie Roman - Request for a copy of the Payment & Performance Bond related to Contract No. Kennedy International Airport - Bulk Fuel Farm West End and Satellite Fuel Farm Remediation Systems Upgrades. (or its affiliates) to include tourism information screens and physical media and related services at airport welcome centers previously provided by CTM Media Group, Inc., from January 1, 2012 through today (January 25, 2018).

Kevin Wolfe - Request for a full copy of the Rider "A" General Addendum (i.e. the Structural Steel work for the Vehicular Security Center, Structure to Grade & West Bathtub Vehicular Access).

For all other areas under the jurisdiction of the PA, please send third-party snow removal contracts. Gregory Jaske - Request for: (A) all contracts, agreements and related documents (together with any amendments or modifications of any of the foregoing) between the Port Authority and Parabit Systems, Inc.

David Iglesia - Request for a copy of the Final Line Item Breakdown and Bid Tabulations for Project WTC-974.880.02.Documents to include but not be limited to the awarded contract to DMR Construction Services, Inc., Subcontractor Agreements, Requests for Information, Daily Logs, Checklists, Invoices, Work Orders, Letters of Communication, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Drawings, Plans and Specifications, Requests For Payments, Payment Vouchers. 4600011419, 50961- Provide Container Services, Transportation, Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste, Non-Hazardous, and Contaminated Wastes for Various Port Authority Facilities - 2Yr Contract.Vendor: Cycle Chem, Inc., Elizabeth NJCharlemagne Limage - Request for copies of the following records: Memorandum of Understanding emergency medical center at JFK International Airport.regarding maintenance and repair services of elevators, escalators and lifts at the Port Authority Bus Terminal referred to as Bid # 32454, Contract # 4600009527, Purchase Order # 4500064217 in a letter dated May 24, 2016 from Lillian D.Valenti of The Port Authority of NY & NJ to Vanessa Gruszka of Kone, Inc.

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