Error while updating filelist options of

Please note that changing any of the above values changes the settings for ALL Config Mgr client logs, not just the

After the value of any of the above values has been changed in the registry, the Config Mgr client needs to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

Any attempt to restart the Config Mgr client service in the full Windows OS while the Task Sequence is running may kill the Task Sequence and cause it to fail.

For this reason, any changes to the above registry key values, and the subsequent restart of the Config Mgr client service, need to be done outside of a Task Sequence and before the Task Sequence begins (i.e.

The tricky part though is that in order for the changes to apply during the entire Task Sequence, you may need to make these changes up to three times during the Task Sequence.

An XML file is used which defines which files need to be injected, where the files are located within the BIN directory, and where they need to be copied to within the Win PE Boot Image. It is located in the following directory on the site server: Please note that the above directory is NOT the same as where the files to be injected reside.The Task Sequence has the potential of running in three different Windows OSes before it completes: Because of this, if options for the file need to be changed, they may need to be changed each time the Windows OS changes.This can be up to three different times during a Task Sequence.In order to change the options for the SMSTS.log, they need to be changed in three different locations: When the Config Mgr client is originally installed on a PC, the Config Mgr client logging options can be set via MSI properties in the command line of the client install.These options include the following parameters: CCMDEBUGLOGGINGCCMENABLELOGGINGCCMLOGLEVELCCMLOGMAXHISTORYCCMLOGMAXSIZE The above parameters are described in the following Tech Net article: About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties change any of the above parameters after the Config Mgr client has been installed, instead of reinstalling the client with the necessary parameters, the corresponding registry entries can be changed instead: CCMDEBUGLOGGING HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432Node Microsoft [email protected]!

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