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Feel free to read other technology "SECRETS" by visiting the menu at the top of this page.The following chart describes the basic differences between various PS3 model numbers. The first part lists the prefix, while the second part lists the suffix.So video content (like DVDs) and displays (like TVs) would treat all values lower than 16 as 16, and higher than 235 as 235.The darkest primary color value you get would be value 16, and the brightest primary color value you get would be 235.A color space standard defines a specific range of colors, and how they should look from devices like HDTVs.Standard Definition television uses BT.601 color space standard, HDTV uses BT.709 (compatible with BT.601) color space standard, and computer displays uses s RGB (compatible with BT.709) color space standard.continued to expand support and add new features surrounding the recent support of XMB Categories that was intially supported with v2.30 released earlier in the week.View all the listed changes in the changelog tab (inside) provided.

Note that the PS3 model number (prefix) from above needs a two digit region number (suffix) appended at the end to designate a region.

A first generation Japanese 60GB PS3 would thus be designated CECHA00, while the one in North America would be designated CECHA01.

A second generation 120GB Japanese PS3 Slim would be designated CECH-2000A, while the 120GB North American Slim PS3 would be designated CECH-2001A.

Combining prefix and suffix allows you to arrive at an actual PS3 model number.

Note that although the harddrive capacity and memory card readers are missing in some models, you can upgrade or add the capability later.

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