Error validating saml response rowupdating get cell value

I am working on integrating Spring SAML Extension within our appliaction and for SSO with one of our client's ADFS2.0 as the IDP we have generated Service provider meta data from our appliaction and imported ADFS meta data into our appliaction.

When i select the clients idp and click on start single sign and give the proper clients credentials we are seeing the the SAML response as follows: Saml Response.

SAML Response rejected", which led to me this thread. Hi, I was successful in integrating with the onelogin Id P without any issues.

error validating saml response-28error validating saml response-56

If I know the cert that is being used by the Id P, can I just add the missing elements into the original response?

Note: An SAML tracer tool is used to display network traffic being passed through, together with SAML request and response messages to troubleshoot Enterprise login issues.

The following SAML tracer tools can be used with the following browsers: Google Chrome, SAML Chrome Panel and Mozilla Firefox, SAML tracer.

You can try to decrypt the Encrypted Assertion here: https:// see what is inside.

@clane-axial, Can you check if the SAMLResponse is also invalidated at this tool?

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