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– Fixed a bug that let you go barefoot to your date with Max. 1.0.1 P release update: – Redrew avatars so they have faces (thanks Oral Obsession, esclavage, mackaie and others) – Improved font readability (thanks No Sneks Four Weeks) – Redrew avatars so nudity displays under clothes while loading (thanks Fight Her Tight Her) and added shading – Added new hairstyles – Added makeup system – Added facial expressions system – Redrew starting outfit and added some new black underwear to Dubai wardrobe – Added the following agent names to all five name generators, as requested by Patreons: Evelyn Walker, Ramona Flowers, Luna Abelli, Ruth Haliwell, Jessica Jones – Minor writing edits |Agent:|$pc.firstname $pc.surname| |Nationality:|$pc.nationality| |Agency:|_pc Agency Description| |Age:|$pc.age| |IQ:|$| |Degree:|$Subject ($Grade),|

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That being said–If you have ever encountered someone with deep, dark hair color and crystalline blue eyes, you seem to become drawn into them hypnotically and unable to look away. Maybe it is the iconic allure of the ‘girl next door’, or that the brightness of the hair brings out the brightness of the eyes, there is something striking and sexy about blondes with blue eyes. Many, many of the blondes I have encountered (converted) over the years did not start there, and no, I did not deny anyone because of their eye color.You are playing version 1.3.1 B – a Beta version for Patrons! Intended future Patron rewards include unique clothing stores and side quests. Fixed 5 bugs and 2 spelling errors reported by users.🦀 Crushstation, November 2017.1.3 B release update: – Major update, adding a training mission in Scotland codenamed Operation LIONESS. Added an option to initiate sex from the BJ position, to avoid the heroine getting stuck giving an endless blow job, just like my girlfriend on a Friday night.If you really want an artistic, involved, and somewhat forensic evaluation of which eye color warrants what hair color you should be wearing, then there are those out there who will offer up their opinion.Personally, I find the match more of a serendipitous by-product of a great color selection.

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