Drug expiration dating calculations

The time served in the temporary class is counted for seniority purposes if it was in the same occupational group, as provided in NRS 284.171. 10-26-84; A 10-27-97; R043-99 & R098-99, 9-27-99; R146-01, 1-18-2002; R147-01, 1-22-2002; A by Personnel Commn by R133-12, 10-4-2013) 1. The rate of pay for the employee will be determined in accordance with the provisions of NAC 284.172 governing an employees pay on promotion. In case of a layoff, the temporarily assigned employees class of layoff is his or her former class. Each appointment which is designated as temporary must have specific criteria established which justify the grade of the position and the projected date of expiration of the period. (c) A new position may be allocated to an existing class or a new class as determined by the Division of Human Resource Management. An appointing authority, an employee or the Division of Human Resource Management may request a temporary classification which allows the classification of a position for a temporary period of 1 year or less. 1-22-2002) Occupational study means a classification study of a group of positions or related classes and class series, or any combination thereof, which is initiated by the Division of Human Resource Management and subsequently approved by the Commission. 10-27-97; A by Personnel Commn by R038-03, ) Organizational climate study means an independent study conducted by the Division of Human Resource Management to assess and evaluate the culture, effectiveness of management, employee morale and internal communication of an organization through a variety of methods, including, without limitation: 1. Interviews, including, without limitation, exit interviews; 3. PERSONNEL RECORDS 284.702 Reports of personnel actions. Relating to the manifestation of a disease or disorder in a family member of a person. 6-30-2010) Grade means the number assigned by the Division of Human Resource Management to identify the range of pay for a class. (Added to NAC by Dept of Personnel by R147-01, eff.

9-27-99) Permanent employee means an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period for any class he or she has held during continuous classified service. Is reemployed after having been laid off and is serving a new probationary period as required by subsection 8 of NAC 284.630; or 2. This method of classification is subject to the following conditions: (a) Temporary classifications must meet the allocation standards and the criteria established for the class before this method may be used. A position which no longer meets this criteria will revert back to the class from which it was reclassified. 1-22-2002) Part-time employment means a work schedule that is less than 100 percent of the full-time equivalent established for an employees pay class designation. 1-22-2002) Part-time employee means an employee whose work schedule is less than 100 percent of the full-time equivalent established for the employees pay class designation.

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