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10114If you mean the desire to get SRS because you are so bothered by having a penis, then sure, that is a disorder.

So would dysphoria so strong that you have to swap genders even if it makes no sense and throws your entire life into disarray, like that completely unpassable father of 7 who now lives as a 6 year old girl.

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From that group, you could see a very high percentage of traps emerge. Then comes back and does the same thing and logs off.

If I told people that even though I was born as a genetic male I believed I was an octopus trapped in a human males body…

Id probably be committed or at the least laughed at.

It is about from an early age having all of your relations with your peers exist in a framework of your being small and perhaps vulnerable to other boys your age.

Girls might like you in grade school, but after puberty, when having a girlfriend really matters, they mostly lose interest in the short cute guys, and focus on the tall cute guys.

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    Reading biographies of courageous ladies really helps me navigate through difficult days when college seems to get the best of me.

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    Think about it, talk to your partner about it, and then incorporate it into your lives as a non-negotiable connection habit. This exercise isn’t limited to seven breaths (you can keep going for several minutes if you’d like) but I find that seven breaths is the perfect minimum number of breaths for couples to really drop in to the moment and feel connected.

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