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Accusing: to charge with an offense, wrongdoing, error, fault, or mistake.Originally it was only used as a legal term, but being in a verbally abusive relationship can feel a lot like being on trial.Instead the abuser complains that something more could be done, offers criticism about how it could have done better, or even berates the other person for not satisfying his or her needs.Constant criticism is the pattern in this type of emotional abuse.Neither the words, nor the context or the behavior alone may be abusive, but the words together with the context or behavior are abusive.Beverly Engels defines emotional abuse “as any nonphysical behavior that is designed to control, intimidate, subjugate, demean, punish, or isolate another person through the use of degradation, humiliation, or fear.” The purpose or attitude behind emotional abuse can be conscious, subconscious or unconscious.Verbal abuse is the use of language to hurt someone, whether it is with conscious or unconscious intent.Verbal abuse is a dysfunctional use of feedback; i.e., it’s “messed up” feedback. Emotional abuse uses words to hurt, but sometimes requires meaning derived from the context in which the words were used or pairing with a behavior.

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Criticizing: disparaging remarks, sharp disapproval, “dissing,” words that attack the person rather than address problematic behavior.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.Emotional and Psychological abuse are synonymous terms.Abusive Expectations is placing unreasonable demands on another person or never being satisfied with the other person or how much the other person has done, regardless of the amount of care and effort put into a task.

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