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They outsourced to a company that does not speak English. Reply I bought almost 00 dollar of furniture Sunday a week ago and have had the most devastating desasture been on the phone with corprate office 5 times and it has been the worst experience with a big bussiness like conns that has been around for 125 years i guess they made it by screwing with the customer’s time, money , and respect which is so beyond being professional in the retail bussiness I hope in the future that they learn how to run and treat customers with the respect that they teach there employees with is not going to happen as long as people keep buying from them and them continuing to treat customers with the up most disrespectful and brutal experiences all the reviews I read not a one had anything great to say about their experience but how bad they were treated and taking advantage of and that they could care less as long as they were selling nothing but lies. I wish they would have all my information in the computer so I would not have to explain my situation again and again. I bought a dryer in May it has never worked they come out to fix it and it will work for one load then it stops and takes them another week or two to get out there. My arm rest on my couches are cardboard and I paid 2000. They hang up, they transfer me to a phone that just rings. My doctors told me that this was brought on by stress from all that I have been thru with dealing with Conns.

The man who came to my home was scary tried to charge me and informed me he needed to order parts. I have repeatedly called Conns and no one has helped. Reply Bought a refrigerator from CONNS store #136 Shreveport LA, very poor service, Manager reported if his Sales person didn’t know the refrigerator did not have a water filter. POOR Customer Service CEO Theodore Wright, I need to speak with you, concerning the store, sales etiquette and how misleading the sales team are. I was told lies on top of lies and you all NEVER attempted to make it right! You would think the least you could do is communicate properly with your customers!! I will be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau!! The recorded message that plays while you are on hold talks about how they care about their customers and if something is not right to let them know…. I recently sold my home and am closing on the new house in 4 days. I went into the store, verified my shown account balance, showed the rep my bank statement to prove payment. Regardless, the company SHOULD NOT leave their customers to suffer their mistakes! I should have been able to acquire my requested documents after 7 days and left a happy customer with a whole new house to furnish! When you call you get run around I have had to file a complaint with attorney general Reply I’m in the same situation since last year. I spoke with my attorney about this and he said he would start working on my case.

I paid off my account online (or thought I had according to what I could see on my Online account) turns out i still owed a small amount.

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The company expanded under his leadership and eventually went public in 2003. I quit making payments (since I thought it was paid off) – well it accrued all of the back interest and has been accruing interest for the last 6-7 months that I have been making payments.

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I had a service man come out and when the part came in they were going to set up a appointment.It’s been a complete nightmare that I haven’t waken up from yet. Reply We had bought 2 mattress from Conn’s in Madison Tn.I’ve driven to Conn’s 3 times which is 25 miles one way with no resolve. Reply I would like for us all to just start faxing them random s**t to their fax # 409-832-4344 burn that SOB up. in November, 2017, then went back and purchased another single item.But expect me to purchase one, because they fell to say there was no filter in the refrigerator. Reply Refrigerator is 1 year old (LG) 1st ice maker, repaired ,2 weeks later same thing, had to order parts, didn’t work so the door was replaced total days without 27. Well, in my not so nice teacher voice, this is not okay, Conn’s!! I spent thousands of dollars and this is what we get to deal with??? One of the documents the closing company asked for was a zero balance verification on this account. Told her my husband had spoken to the customer service number 4 dsys prior. Suggested to the non-customer service rep that I could have the bank forward something directly or have a statement notarized. At this point, I’m convinced that a simple accounting error would have been corrected in 48 hours or less. This has been the most stressfull thing I have ever been thru. I have sent lettersome and emails to Conns corporate Headuarters. Reply I had never been a customer of Conns until a year ago, my husband and I bought a fridge that cost us over ,000.The next thing was the refrigerator stopped getting cold( I work out of State ,didn’t know until my daughter went by to store some food for Thanksgiving, everything was spoiled. If this doesn’t get cleared up in the next few days … I stated that I would like to speak to the manager. Reply I have a charge under my name which is causing me hardship. I hasn’t been a year yet and our fridge messed up, It’s been almost a month and I haven’t been able to speak to any manager.

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