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"I know you shouldn't only judge based on looks, but I've had many instances where I showed up for a date and it was clear that the photos used were from several years back and more importantly, altered." With more photos, Molly explains, the chance of "dater deception" diminishes.Pros: Getting a little picture-happy shows that you're confident with your appearance, and let's face it... It can also show that you're very comfortable with who you are.And we all have these itsy-bitsy little attention spans these days." Cons: Sometimes when a profile sports only one or two photos, people think the poster is concealing something."There are people who'll pass up a profile that doesn't post full-body shots because they assume the person has something to hide," says Bacon." Bottom line, you can get away with posting just one or two photos, but you must keep them updated. I'm not sure why there are individuals who put up their high school prom photo alongside one where they're bald, but they do!If your photo doesn't look like what you see in your bathroom mirror, don't use it," says Bacon. Photo displays in this range can encourage individual expression.Bacon warns that whatever size you are in your photo, you should still be wearing that size when you walk through the door.

"Show a nice face shot and a 3/4-length shot," says Bacon."Ideally, I like to see three to five photos because you can see quite a bit of personality in that number," says Jennifer, 34."Fewer photos than that, and you don't get a sense of the person beyond just physical attributes."The main photo should just be you," says Bacon, "but the others can show you with your pet or you fly-fishing." Just remember not to post any photos that could rub potential matches the wrong way, cautions Bacon—"for instance, if you're a guy, don't post that photo of you surrounded by sexy cheerleader types." Cons: Upping your photo count with less-than-stellar pictures may actually lower your probability of getting a response."For me, a guy has a better shot if he just sticks to a couple photos," says Joelle, 35.

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