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One of the club owners, JJ Chronister, had previously told the York Daily Record that the club regretted its actions but later issued a statement saying, “In the past players who have not followed the rules, specifically pace of play, have voluntarily left at our request as our scorecard states.

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The remaining women attempted to tee off after taking a short break — as is customary after completing the ninth hole — but were again interrupted, by five members of Grandview’s management.

Więcej informacji, łącznie z informacjami o dostępnych opcjach kontroli, znajdziesz w dokumencie : Zasady stosowania plików cookie.

As a child, the Urning manifests an entirely unmistakable inclination toward girls' occupations, toward the company of girls, toward playing with girls' toys, especially dolls.

In hindsight, the women got off easy, considering what happened at Starbucks.

Earlier this month, LA Fitness had a similar happening when employees in Secaucus, N.

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