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At the time of the intellectuals they went so far as to praise the romans for romance developed the idea of a love of modern free dating, dating supremacy. The easiest way to practice modern ideas as the 'private' because it was a romance.

However, the 'love' originally meant just to thus point was also distorted.

It may be the 'women studying' as the image of women that is found in both Meongsoon Kim and Toshiko Tamura' works.

Youngok of 『I love』, Heejong of 『A watershed』 and Masako of 『Her life』 appeared in all women studied.

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But on the other side of the ideal female women to escape from the cruelty of man to be represented by the older generation it is found.Of course not Youngok and Heejong is starting to women studying in the first place.Because Youngok and Heejong had started married life in the old sense women.This passage reveals the duality of the 'women studying'.What were the most characteristic image of women in modern transition, it may be called 'married women who love'.

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