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“Once I get busy, you might not hear from me for three or four days.So if you’re one of those people that needs to be called every four hours, we’re not gonna work.When I speak to her in London, she is only here for a matter of days.She will be back in New York next week, then off to Israel for a series of shows.

I’ve always been of the opinion that humour and romance need to go hand in hand.

“My standards weren’t set all that high from the beginning.” When I ask Gina about her worst ever date, she describes a day at a fair, and a rollercoaster ride that ended with her throwing up in her date’s lap.

“We didn’t see each other much after that,” she admits with a wry smile.

Gina’s Nigerian heritage features highly in her repertoire, including hilarious impressions of her mother, so I start by asking her about parental expectations. She is openly lesbian, though she has dated men in the past.

Did her Nigerian background ever affect the way she dated? “I was born and raised in England, so there were never any cultural expectations of me.” She follows the statement with her trademark impression of her mother, illustrating the latter’s lack of understanding of current dating culture with three simple instructions – “You find a husband, you settle down, you have children! She describes sexuality as a sliding scale, and doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of male partners in future, but admits that at the moment she doesn’t find the opposite sex attractive.

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