Dating yourself

We make sure the cushions are straight, the flowers are fresh and the dining room chairs pushed in. We’re merely treating ourselves and others with respect.

We wear nice clothes and try to ensure that everyone who comes in the center feels welcome and comfortable. We’re turning our attention not to what others think of us, but to how can we give them the best experience possible.

Dating Yourself I think you should buy flowers for yourself.

You should take the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. You should tidy up the apartment, because someone special is coming by after work – you! My Story…Maybe It’s Yours Too In my early and mid-twenties, it seemed like my life revolved around finding a partner.

Why is the “real” you the one who falls asleep in front of the television with potato chip crumbs on her sweatshirt and curses her boss under her breath?

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At the beginning of each program, we’re asked to create an uplifted environment.We set our terms and conditions (“He’d better pay for my drink or I’m outta here”) and calculate our advantages (“I hope she realizes she’s not getting any younger, whereas I have all the time in the world”). Our pitches will vary depending on how confident we feel or how hot our date is.Sometime we take on the slightly hunched or overly slick demeanor of the seller (“I have to get her to like me! And sometimes we see ourselves as the “buyer,” with the power to coolly evaluate whether or not this person is worth our time. It’s not about scoring brownie points or playing by the rules.This blog is about the lessons I learned during those six months – and the relationship with myself that should never have an end date – and our ongoing efforts, especially as women, to treat ourselves well. PPS: Want to learn about creating your own dating sabbatical? Dating guides frequently give strict rules about how to behave around prospective partners. So is complaining about your back pain or your ex-wife.

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