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most british intelligence agencies still remain classified to the general public x the only reason this information has been released is that these agencies have all now terminated activity and new agencies have replaced them. S DG of MI section 25 By-the-way: NCIS stands for National Criminal Investigative Service. Having lived and studied in Amherst, I'm wondering how you can possess such a deep and correct knowledge of matters military while in 'the valley', an area not exactly conducive, but rather hostile, to that region of scholarship. In the United States, NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Now included in the Department of Homeland Security (which was created in 2003) are these federal investigative agencies: CBP (U. myths sections, "SIS (MI6) collects secret intelligence overseas on behalf of the British Government.

NCIS is a team of federal law enforcement professionals dedicated to protecting the people, family, and assets of the US Navy and the Marine Corps worldwide. We do not have an agency called the National Criminal Investigative Service, because we have many federal agencies that investigate crimes nationally. MI5, the Security Service, is the UK's security intelligence agency responsible for protecting the UK, its interests and citizens against major threats to national security." However, these 2 distinct roles entail actual operational overlap and thus "the scope of national security extends beyond the British Isles and may involve the protection of British interests worldwide, e.g.

GCHQ regularly recruit analysts, and have large teams who can understand and verify whether information is up to date, or translate documents and coded messages. Finally, all federal agencies have Offices of Inspectors General (OIG) who have special agents with law enforcement responsibility and authority to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse within and against each agency.

GCHQ are experts on things like terrorist groups, and can almost immediately decide whether a groups' claim to an attack is genuine. Law enforcement in the United States is very fragmented. has a sheriff's department to investigate crimes in the counties that are outside the jurisdiction of local police departments.

Equivalent to the US's CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) NCIS (national criminal investigation squad) are top ranking police officers dealing with high profile crimes, and have little to do with intelligence, though often co-operate with intelligence agencies for practical reasons. Anonymous' contention that NCIS stands for National Criminal Investigation Squad is a load of old tosh.

MI5 is the British security service while MI6 is the British foreign intelligence service.

The FBI does have a counter intelligence section and they work very closely with the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the US like the NIA (Naval Intelligence Agency) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Some of these are the FBI, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency, ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), U. diplomatic premises and staff, British companies and investments and British citizens living or travelling abroad.

Security threats to British interests anywhere in the world fall within the scope of our functions as set out in the Security Service Act 1989.

Crudely, MI6 are "our" spies while MI5 is there to catch "their" spies.

It gets a little more complicated in that MI6 has its own "counter-intelligence" section.

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