Dating tips for more confidence

Hunching forward with arms crossed presents disinterest, lack of confidence or both.

Show confidence on your next date by sitting up straight.

Tone of voice and speed of speech play an integral part in expressing confidence.

Rushing through your words presents you as insecure and timid to potential suitors.

Knowing what you like and not being afraid to share it also reveals a confident demeanor.

Your posture and position speak volumes before you even open your mouth.

Both men and women find confidence an attractive quality. Make consistent eye contact throughout all of your interactions, especially in dating.

Just as important as what you say is how you say it.She has published multiple articles in "The Student Magazine" and for various online publications.She holds a Bachelor of Arts in women's studies and sociology from the University of Windsor.The most classic, useless dating advice of all time—which you've undoubtedly heard countless times from your mom, magazines, and self-help books—is to just "be yourself." The idea here is that if you're just super authentically . Rather than considering what you want from the other person, go into the date thinking about what you want for yourself, Dr. Jess advises you to mastubate before you go out the door.When you go on a first date, it's easy to come across as nervous or brash. "Self-pleasure and self-esteem are positively correlated, so reach down there and give yourself a hand (or two)," she says.

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