Dating three guys at once

Meanwhile Cassidy, Jamal and Chris got to the game and get caught when Ms. Chris and Jamal let Cassidy take the blame until they decide to admit the truth. Chris tries to get Cassidy to go to the dance with him.

She rejects him and Chris encounters Jamal's sister.

Chris and Jamal end up in jail after getting caught with fake IDs.

But the situation worsens when Al and El-Train (Steven Daniel) come to bail the guys out and end up behind bars as well.

Jamal and Chris's similar personalities caused friction between them in the beginning, but they became best friends as the series went on.

Chris and Jamal are expected to tape the play, but they get Dawn to tape the play.Al wants to DJ at the party, but Dawn refuses until Al gets rid of the competition.Jamal doesn't like his sister going to the dance with Chris.The series opens with the arrival of Jamal Grant and Chris Anderson at Manny High School.Both make different entrances with Jamal paying guys to walk him to school as his posse and Chris driving his dad's car.

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