Dating telecaster body

The right Tele usually ends up being a lifer, in our experience.

The various eras produced recognisably different Tele tones - some darker, some twangier.

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For context, some of the Guitarist magazine staff have commented that it's the only way to truly end up bonding with a guitar, and also explains their reluctance to chop and change axes with any regularity.

We spent a lot of time on this and it was really hard for production to get consistent colour matches.

But now we're pretty happy."The '52 is the heaviest of the three mentioned - not by much, but enough to notice.

For certain, this guitar feels tougher to play than more modern Standards and super-tweaked Custom Shop models.

Tougher isn't always negative, however - many players insist on some fight in the guitar to bring out the best in their technique and tone.

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