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It has to be the biggest red light district in the world.

Contrary to Western belief, prostitution in Indonesia is not imported by sexual tourism, it is a very common practice among Indonesian of all classes.

Apart from that, the reputation of Kota as a dangerous area in Jakarta is over-exaggerated, especially if you compare it to the dangerous areas in western countries, where you would never walk alone.

Clubs in North Jakarta ALWAYS have prostitutes, usually a combination of freelance prostitutes and girls under contracts.

Generally speaking, the norther you go, the more prostitutes and the more drugs you will find.

Hotel bars, especially BATS-CJs-Tiga Puluh are pick-up joints with 85% of the girls working as freelance prostitutes.When I can, I always try not to catch a taxi right outside a club, and prefer to walk until a larger road, where i will take a Blue Bird or an Express.I don't think it's so dangerous, but I don't like being in the car of someone I don't trust.The main areas for partying in Jakarta are the following: Triple 9, Nu China, Tipsy, Hangover, Eastern Promise, Murphy's Pub It used to be a trendy area for partying but as of 2015, it is not that happening.Many expats live in Kemang though so there are some decent expat bars and small clubs.

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