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Users become sick of unactivated matches in which they had investment, and so switch to the degenerate strategy.

This generates more unactivated matches for others and creates a snowball effect.

There were always a few other girls there, and Jim was such a good coach that I tuned out certain weird things about him.

He had crooked teeth and a creepy smile and always wore bright yellow pants.

And I felt so grossed out wondering what Jim had done with them.

FAMILY FRIENDSBefore my dad died when I was 15, he was a well-known champion power-lifter, so I'd grown up around the sport.

In power-lifting, you compete based on your weight class, and if you're even a half pound above a weight limit, you get bumped into the next class.

The one picture I'd seen wasn't a naked one, but I could imagine what other shots there were.

I felt so humiliated imagining officers looking at photos of my naked body.

I'm relieved he was caught, but I think he should have gotten a longer sentence. How else might they come back to haunt me — and how could Jim have used his friendship with my dad to do something so disgusting?

While he's serving time, I'm still left with my fear: I'm paranoid about going into dressing rooms, and I always check the vents when I move into a new apartment in case there's a camera lurking.

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