Dating site cms open source

Social networking and dating website development or just about any website is easily and more efficiently developed using an appropriate Content Management System (CMS).A CMS is custom designed with a framework most suitable to design a website.

Web application experts suggest the use of user friendly CMS for creating social networking and dating websites. Coded in PHP, Jcow is a flexible social networking CMS.

The biggest advantage of Jcow is that it has a no-nonsense interface and is very easy to get acclimatized to.

With news feeds and ad blocking scripts, Jcow is one of the versatile CMS for creating social networking sites.

One of the easiest to use CMSs, Pligg can power many interactive websites besides those of social networking.

Good documentation, active community and easily available plugins and templates tilt designers’ choice towards Pligg. Oxwall is a CMS that caters primarily in social networking and dating website development.

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